Date:               February 22, 2019

To:                    Mayflower Council Scouting Family

From:              Council Key 3

Subject:         Annual Report

Over the past year, the Mayflower Council has experienced success as well as faced some challenges, as we continue to work toward a unified council, focused on delivering the highest quality Scouting program to every young person who wants to participate. We have made great strides in improving the program and delivering the promise of Scouting to our members. There have also been areas where we fell short of our objectives. We believe in the volunteers and staff of the Mayflower Council and, with everyone pulling together, we are confident that 2019 will be the best year ever for Scouting in Southeastern Massachusetts.

This message is intended to provide you with information on where we are doing well, and where we can use additional help. Attached is the 2018 Annual Report which clearly demonstrates the impact that Scouting is having in the 62 cities and towns that we serve. Providing over 136,000 hours of community service translates to nearly $1,500,000 of positive impact within our communities, if each hour is calculated at minimum wage. Camping opportunities, Rank advancements, and service hours are all highlighted on the attachment. Imagine the impact that we could have if we were to reach the membership objective in our Long-Range Plan of 15,000 youth members within 3 years.

Membership is one area where we have fallen short of our objectives. This is also an area where each one of us can have a positive impact! In order to grow by 8%, or roughly 900 youth members per year, each of our Packs, Troops, Crews, and Explorer Posts would need to grow by an average of 3 youth members. That sounds like a pretty small number. How many youth could you add in your unit? Five, eight, maybe even ten? Think of the lives changed and the positive impact that happens both to and through these new youth members. With the addition of Lions and Family Scouting in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA serving both boys and girls, and a renewed emphasis on Venturing and Exploring, we should be able to far exceed our membership objective of growing by 8%! What role will you play in expanding the reach of Scouting?

Although we had a small decline in our number of units in 2018, we have already organized and registered more units in 2019 than in all of 2018. One way you and your unit can help these new units get off to a great start is to reach out and make sure they have what they need to deliver the program. Invite them to join you at one of your campouts or other activities. Let’s make sure our new units and new members feel welcome and learn quickly to love the Scouting program the way we do!

The Investment in Character Campaign is another way you can help ensure that the Mayflower Council has the resources needed to deliver the promise of Scouting. The cost of providing quality facilities and support to our units is ever increasing and all council funding comes from local sources. Please consider making an investment in the local Scouting program through a unit presentation or online at: Donate Here.  If you know of others who believe in the values of Scouting, please share this link with them as well so that they can consider making an investment in the character of thousands of local young people.

These are exciting times in Scouting! We have more opportunities than ever before, and we have the team that can expand this program in ways we can only imagine. Thank you for all you have done, and will do, to deliver the promise of Scouting to the youth that we serve!

The Mayflower Council, BSA publishes an annual report containing membership numbers, financial statements, and program updates. It is released each year during the Council Annual Meeting in late January.

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