As of May 10, 2017, the merger of the Old Colony Council and Knox Trail Council Council is in effect. The name of the new, merged Council will be chosen after an opportunity for scouts and scouters to enter suggestions in a “Name my Council” contest. Watch this space for details. What is new is our Council number – we are merged as Council 251 – which you may see on announcements until a new name is chosen.

The Executive Board and Officers of the new Council met for the first time on May 10th. We have a very talented and experienced group of volunteers who are focused on integrating the two prior Councils into one, strong Council.

As the last president of the Old Colony Council, I am proud of what we accomplished and how well we supported scouting in our 41 cities and towns. As the first president of our new Council, I am confident that we can do even more to support scouting in our 62 cities and towns, and our three camps.

The process of merger will take a while. The staff and volunteers will do our best to keep you informed through our website and Facebook feeds, as well as at Roundtables. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions as we go forward.

Rob Hillman