Online/Virtual Meetings

  • One Den was setting up a service called Jitsi to host virtual Den Meetings
  • Virtual Rank Advancement Ceremony – – Many packs Blue and Gold dinners were cancelled. Cubmaster could host Webinar and recognize the Cub Scouts that earned ranks etc. Thought was that recognizing sooner rather than later would be more significant to the Scout.
  • MidAmerica Council conducts virtual “den” meetings that are open to everyone. These meetings are based on completing a Cub Scout Adventure and earning a coveted belt loop. Meetings are open to all and are based on Cub Scout Year. For example, Monday is Tigers, Tuesday Wolves, Wednesday Bears, Thursday Webelos. Meetings require pre-registration but are free to join. The schedule is updated frequently

Virtual Tours & Fun “Trips” For Example many organizations are hosting live or recorded activities. Den leaders could pick one, encourage Scouts to complete it with their family and have a web meeting to discuss what they saw learned. Other organizations have live Webcams allowing Scouts to see what’s happening without leaving home. Organizations offering programs like this include:

Several Organizations have created lists of activities and resources

The New England Patriots have a collection of online resources they have assembled. Everything from a coloring contest, a reading contest to STEM material from other organizations

Good Housekeeping has posted an article listing 30 virtual tours

NASA International Space Station Views of Earth

The MidAmerica Council has posted several other ideas & resources on their Scouting at home site.

Other Virtual Ideas and Activities

  • Career Day – Parents would discuss their career either via recorded video or live webinar.
  • Virtual Project or Collection Fair – – Have Scouts share their collections or something they have been working on. Gives Scouts ability to present something important to them to their friends. This adds enough structure and variety to a webinar to keep Scouts engaged
  • Virtual camping trip where each scout camped in their backyard and they met online around a virtual camp fire and did scout songs and skits (done by the scout or scouts if more then one in the family, or the scouts family).
  • Team scavenger hunt using “Goose Chase” application.
  • Purchase or collect components of and deliver “Genius Kits” to have a project. Dens can do together via video conference. The kit would include needed components for a specific activity., Several ideas for Genius Kits on Pinterest
  • Rocket Day – – Purchase or have families rocket kits. Scouts to assemble rocket at home Launch Day, ask Scouts to arrive as Dens at staggered arrival times to keep group size down. Ask parents to pre-pack Rocket parachutes & have prepacked engines that can simply be inserted into rocket. Set up so each Scout can launch 3-4 times and be on their way before next Den comes.
  • Plan outdoor hikes on local conservation property.
  • Down-town scavenger hunt. Post clues in local business store windows. Scouts and their families would search for clues and take pictures in front of the business. Businesses would benefit from increased traffic; unit would get to post pack logo in store window over a weekend.
  • Bike Safety / Bike Rodeo – Set up outdoor bike course in School or Church parking lot. Ask local Police to come and speak about how to bike safely. Try to get a local bike shop to teach basic maintenance to the Scouts.

Do at Home Activities

  • Focus earning Religious Emblem
  •  Work on Cyberchip
  • Make Cards for Doctors and Nurses at Local Hospitals
  • Make Cards for residents at Long Term Care Facilities

Mayflower Council Resource