Message from the Camp Resolute 100th Anniversary Camporee Chair

Thank you all for registering your units for the Camp Resolute 100th Anniversary Camporee. As most of you are already aware, the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus remains a serious concern in Massachusetts.

There is a strong possibility due to the danger of the virus, and presence of a healthy mosquito population at Camp Resolute, participation at the 100th Camporee may be limited to a Saturday only event. The organizers believe this would be a prudent compromise in the event Camp Resolute does not experience a frost prior to the date of the event. Participants should be aware that the town of Bolton’s risk level has been assessed as “moderate” by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation, but all of the activities are currently scheduled for Saturday and while removing the overnight component of the outing would be disappointing, we believe the program will still be top-notch. There may be minor schedule changes necessary such as moving the scheduled campfire to a bit earlier, but that aside, all of the program activities, awards, contests, and fun will still occur.

We will continue to monitor the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus situation and update as new information becomes available. Even as a day only event, the “Camporee” promises to be a wonderful celebration of Camp Resolute history and a great time for your Scouts.

Gary Bernklow
Camp Resolute 100th Anniversary Camporee Chair