Scouting opens opportunities for all people, young and old…

Looking back over the last couple of years, one video produced by the Boy Scouts of America really hit a nail on the head.

Talking to Scouters from around the country, the clip begins with the quote, “Scouting opens up a lot of opportunities… you can do Scouting anywhere. From a small town to a big city like New York.”

Another scouter explained, “We’re teaching young people how to become better adults. And I think those better adults who have scouting experience can come back and be great scout leaders.”

A female leader added, “I am extremely grateful to Scouting for igniting a passion in me for the outdoors and just exposing me to things I didn’t even know I liked to do.”

Yet another Scouter put one other notion perfectly. With his voice placed over moments of triumph, the leader added, “One of the great things about scouting is that it’s a safe place to fail.”


And from the victories to the defeats, from the woods to the city, and from young to old, check out the below video; whether you need reaffirmation about your volunteer role, confirmation of your decision to include your children in Scouting, or just want to feel good about Scouts BSA, check it out.

It will make you happy to be involved in Scouting.