Cub Scouts can #AdventureOn during the winter months…

Yes, it’s cold. Yep, it’s snowy. However, just like Scouts BSA, Cub Scouts can still find outdoor fun, too.

That was the theme of a recent repost of a 2010 article entitled, “Hot tips for cold-weather fun with Cub Scouts.”

For Scouting, Mark Ray wrote:

Tim Tocket, a Scouter in Pen Argyl, Pa., always thought the BSA had a rule forbidding Cub Scouts from camping when temperatures dipped below 32 degrees. Not so. The “Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities” states that only Scouts BSA members and Venturers may participate in winter camping. But the addition of heated cabins (when you follow appropriate Youth Protection guidelines) can make winter activities with overnight stays suitable for Cub Scouts. With cabins available, a Scout who gets too wet, too cold, or too tired can head inside.

Of course, The BSA Guide to Safe Scouting is the definitive list of rules and guidelines for winter camping and sports. However, Ray pointed out a few general thoughts about Cub Scouts in the cold.

Tips included:

  • Give plenty of packing guidelines to parents and adult leaders and stress layering for warmth…
  • Pack extra items of everything warm. Domino suggests bringing a stash of extra hats and mittens for Cub Scouts whose gear gets wet, lost, or forgotten…
  • Remember hydration. Campers need plenty of fluids, even in the cold.
  • Offer plenty of hearty food, and keep meal preparation simple.
  • Cancel or postpone if the forecast calls for heavy snow or extremely low temperatures

Even better, in yet another article, “Making Winter Fun for Your Cub Scouts,” Ray said, keep the C-O-L-D in mind. 

Clean: Keep your insulating layers clean and fluffy. Dirt, grime and sweat can reduce the warmth of a garment.

Overheating: Adjust your layers of clothing to match the temperature, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Loose Layers: Wear several loosely fitting layers of clothing and footgear to get maximum insulation without impeding your circulation.

Dry: Sweaty, damp clothing can cause your body to cool quickly. Avoid clothes that absorb moisture, and keep clothing around your neck loose to let body heat and moisture escape.

Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow at Camp Resolute: 34-degrees and cloudy.

Sounds like it’s time to #AdventureOn.