As part of the Mayflower Council’s Spring Membership Campaign, we would like to encourage your participation in Operation Re-Engagement between now and March 31st, 2021. This effort, which is council wide, is designed to invite former Cub Scouts who may have dropped from your roster back into your pack. Your participation will be beneficial to the health of your pack, district, and the Mayflower Council.

Here’s How To Make This Work…

  • Download a report of Scouts who have dropped from your unit over the past two years. Step by step instructions on how to download this report on is available here.
    • NOTE:  Be sure to select the FILTER Button and enter dates from 1/1/2021 through 1/1/2022.
  • Reach out via a callout campaign (If necessary, designate several volunteers to help you) to the parents of these “lost Scouts” to invite them to your next pack meeting. Use this meeting as an opportunity to welcome them back into Scouting by encouraging them to re-register with your pack (Some key points to promote with the parents include the Pinewood Derby in May, upcoming pack meetings, Chuck Wagon Derby in June, summer day camp and other activities you have planned for your pack.)
  • If they indicate interest in re-joining, whether as part of the callout campaign or at the pack meeting, refer them to your page on

A Few Tips for Success…

  1. Review the list with your volunteers to see who may have a friendly/personal connection with certain parents. Sometimes a call from someone they know can be very influential.
  2. If your attempt at a callout does not work, try an email.
  3. If the parent indicates interest in attending the next pack meeting, schedule a time to remind them, whether it’s another callout, or an email reminder a week prior to the meeting.
  4. If possible, work with them 1-on-1 with the online application. Try not to let them to “do it when they get home.” Remember, after that meeting, life happens. Help them transition back to Scouting by helping them in that moment, instead of possibly losing them to the things that happen after they leave your meeting.
  5. Consider using your April meeting as a membership building meeting, whereby these “lost Scouts” can come back to re-discover the Scouting experience.

We appreciate your effort in Operation Re-Engagement. If I can be of assistance, please email Rob or call him directly at 508-217-4623.