How’d you like to spend a weekend in the woods surrounded by nature, peace and quiet?

The Nobscot Campmaster Corps is a group of registered Scouters who spend the weekend at Nobscot whenever troops, Webelos dens, crews or posts are in camp. It’s like a mini-vacation!

You get to spend the weekend in the Campmaster HQ in Henderson Lodge (close to the parking lot!). The lodge is a fabulous facility set up with a welcome center for unit check-in and ever-expanding trading post. Adjacent to the office is a separate, private, living space complete with bunks, couches, bathroom, kitchenette, TV, WiFi, heat, electricity – all the comforts of home! You will need to provide your own food. Once groups check-in, you’ll be available for any assistance needed. You can even enjoy a hike around camp! Pretty simple really.

After a simple training session, you can select when you’d like to help out. Typically, it’s one to three times a year – whenever it’s convenient for you. All Campmasters must have a demonstrated ability to get along with people, to lead and act in an emergency. Certainly, knowledge about Nobscot is a decided plus!

Interested? For info contact Tom Bednarz