If your Unit was not able to attend our November 1st Roundtable, don’t worry.  We are making all the event flyers, training newsletters and other information available!

Click here for PDF of all November Roundtable Handouts

Our November Roundtable featured:

  • Our Council Key Three came by for a fire-side chat with our District leaders.  We all discussed the Council Executive Board’s goals for the future and what matters, concerns and questions are facing our Pack and Troop leaders right now.
  • A presentation was made about the Rechartering Process!
    • What can your Unit be doing right now to start? Check your youth roster and registered adult positions and training
    • Get your questions answered and get started at our Council Recharter Webpage
    • Two recharter workshop and turn-in days have been scheduled

If you need to get in contact with your District Leadership, email us at

Our next District Roundtable will be:

December 6th at 7:00 pm at Milford High School, 31 W Fountain St
Milford, MA 01757