Rechartering time is here!

Earlier this month every Unit’s Committee Chair and Charter Organization Representative should have received an email with your Unit’s personal rechartering code.  Using that code, you can follow the steps at Mayflower Council’s Rechartering Webpage to begin this year’s re-chartering.

An important Note: The Mayflower Council Office in Milford MA is NOT available for unscheduled stop-ins. Please go to the link above for applications and paperwork that you need. If you need items from the Council office, please get in touch with Rob Hillman.

To begin:

  1. Make sure you have your Unit’s code. If you do not see the email, please send an email to Headwaters to get in touch with our District Key 3 who can provide your specialized code.
  2. Next: Make sure to select: BEGIN RECHARTERING FOR PACKS, TROOPS, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS to start this year’s rechartering. Once you have started it, you can use the other link to CONTINUE PREVISOULY STARTED PACK, TROOP, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS, but for the first login this year, you must BEGIN.
    Help From your Commissioners:

Our District Commissioner Corps has put together a plan and helpful documents to assist you and your Unit with this year’s rechartering.

Here is what is being provided:

Questions? Email:  Headwaters