“The best camera is the camera you have on you…”

As mentioned before, the BSA’s “Bryan on Scouting” is a terrific resource for Scouters. Moreover, some of the best stories on the blog give readers a solid kick in the pants.

“Get out there and try it,” is a cause celeb for Bryan and co. Reasonable, given the traditions of the BSA.

However, this time around, the blog reminds Scouters – via the advice of BSA pro photog Michael Roytek – “The best camera is the camera you have on you.”

In other words, your smartphone might be the best camera any of us might ever acquire.

Writer Aaron Derr explained why so  in a piece entitled, “How to take and share the best photos of your Scouts this summer … and beyond”:

Some folks might prefer to carry around heavy pieces of photography equipment with long, powerful lenses, and that’s great. For the rest of us, we have the modern smartphone, which has the capability to produce photos good enough to save as memories — and to share online with friends, fellow Scouting families, and maybe even members of your community.

In the article, even the most trepidatious photographers will learn about:

  • The rule of thirds
  • Action Shots
  • Sharing photos

My favorite advice in the piece reads, “Nothing tells the story of Scouting more than great photos of Scouts having a blast in their natural environment, whether that’s at summer camp or any fun Scouting activity.

“If you can get those photos in front of the eyes of some non-Scouting families … who knows? Your unit just might recruit for itself, thanks to all the fun you’re having.”

Check out the accompanying video:

How to Take Better Scouting Pictures!

And be sure to read the article – then get out there and take some photos!